The Haunting Life

     Welcome, Foolish Mortals… For those of you who happen upon this blog, you can already see that this is not your ordinary compilation of essays and commentaries.  I am a designer of Haunted House attractions, and this is an archive of the many “Haunts” that I have had the pleasure of working in, creating or both.  I have included as many pictures as I can to properly represent them all, and since many of them no longer exist, these pages will serve as digital memorials of what once was and what will never be again.  As you will see, I tend to avoid the style of haunt that relies on animatronics rather than a talented actor to provide the scares.  Highly detailed sets, an engaging backstory and an air of general creepyness are what have made my haunts work, rather than an emphasis on gore and shock.

I am eagerly seeking any opportunities to create a new haunted attraction that this area is sorely in need of.  So I intend for this website to serve as a resume of sorts to show the extent of my experience in every aspect of the haunted attraction industry.  Hopefully it will be the catalyst in helping me to find a way to once again ply my macabre trade with like-minded, darkly creative visionaries.

And if you like what you see and would just like to throw a few bucks my way to support the creation of a new style of haunt in my area, please click on the link below to donate any amount to my Haunt Fund.


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