The Darkwood Haunts

2005 DARKWOOD HOUSE, Kansas City, Missouri

The first Darkwood House was established in the East Bottoms of Kansas City, as the Darkwood Funeral Home.  It shared a historic building with Knucklehead’s Saloon. Themed to be a haunted funeral home, it was my first commercial venture.

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2009 DARKWOOD HOUSE, St. Joseph, Missouri

The Darkwood House I created in St. Joseph, Missouri was my crowning achievement thus far in my life as a haunter, although sadly short lived. It was designed to be be a mere shadow of what was once a grand frontier hotel. But from it’s founding, over a century ago, it was plagued with tragedy and was never a good place to spend the night. Its story was revealed by the many characters found within its dark corridors and chambers. Some of which were paranormal investigators who realized too late that their routine investigation was not going as it was planned. And there were the ghosts of the doomed guests who were never able to check out. But the main character overall was the building itself. Darkwood House was a place of cracks and creaking floors; of shafts of light that never quite told the full story. It was a truly living character, although certainly more dead than alive. It seemed to piece itself together before your eyes from the fading remnants of its past. It was an unsettling place, where no room ever quite seemed the same twice. It guarded its secrets jealously and kept its surprises beneath the surface, behind its walls and within the darkness. Ironically, in reality, it was a place that was doomed from the start. Corruption, incompetence, ignorance and the general state of the bureaucracy rampant within the city government of St. Joseph forced me to shut the doors and move on. But for the brief time that it was open, it thrilled all those who were able to share in its experience. It shown so darkly and some day, its legacy will return anew to haunt once more…

2010 DARKWOOD HOLLOW, Bolckow, Missouri

When considering haunted house attractions, just how many of them are in actual houses? Only the glorious Disney Haunted Mansions come the closest. Generally haunted house attractions are built in massive warehouses, commercial buildings, or amusement parks. Darkwood Hollow was a chance to construct a truly realistic family-friendly haunt within an old farmhouse in rural Missouri.


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